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Mostly thoughts from a time before I began to change myself.
But I'm changing that.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

[tl;dr If current things bore you, try making something that interests you.]

In HS Philosophy our teacher had posed a question: is it better to be a fool satisfied or Socrates dissatisfied?

[I looked this up online just now and apparently Mill had said that "it is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied; better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied".]

At the time, I analysed it, I figured Socrates is better off, because I valued my intellect.
After some time, [of I suppose an amount of getting over the most oppressive of the realities of the world]
I came to think that the fool had it best, that ignorance is bliss.

I might assert that ignorance is indeed bliss. But I do not think that it is the best path. After some time I came to think about the nature of dissatisfaction. I came to reason that there should be things that I can change, or things I can make.

so I kinda started this with the hopes of making enough money to not have to work/to share awesome things.
The only problem is that once I lost interest in trying to get more people to read it,
I noticed that I wanted this to be much greater than it is, and so I kind of wanted to stop with it until either I could make it better or I'd accept it as just a medium for my sorta thoughts.

Friday, October 28, 2011

short pun that's it

[a dog that lives here. I pushed him a bit with my foot a bit so he'd leave the kitchen before putting on my shoes to let the other dog in. (he doesn't run but she does so she needs to be leashed and she got stuck on something)
He was back in the kitchen, so]

I kicked off my shoe lightly to land on him and shooed him away again.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I finished watching Code Geass. The ending made me cry. Though it had its rough moments, (the Euphie bit was somewhat contrived) the ending was perfect.
On another note, I'll describe my orientation in a bit more detail later.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Good Lie

When I was in grammar school... I don't remember what grade I was in, from 6-8th.
I got in trouble for changing the mouse trail on 2 computers.

As a punishment, I had to type an apology on the computer at home.
(there might have been more, I don't remember)
I forgot to do it, and when I was called down to the main office to hand it in, I hurriedly wrote one on paper.

They asked me why it wasn't typed, and I said that I had computer access taken away from me at home as a punishment for what I did.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I just realised most of the world likes U2. (the band) for example: When someone says, "I love you", often there is a reply of, "I love U2".

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One of the rank and file.
was given, and drank a phial.
it was quite rank, and vile.

(tried briefly to make it a haiku but no dice)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm thinking that maybe I'll use this more often for the random thoughts I have during the day.
Since I write them down, maybe I can just post the ones I don't think I'll use in a story.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Memory, and the workings of brains (of geniuses, of myself, of friends of mine, a bit of men and women)

So Cluney linked me to this article about a "normal" guy and his perspective on obtaining an excellent memory.

Also, here is a link regarding how the brains of gay people of one gender work similarly to heterosexuals of the opposite gender.

I think many people who are geniuses in memory do this sort of thing without being conscious of it. I think that I probably memorised things differently than most people. I don’t know if I still do/if I have since I smoked for the first time. To a large extent, geniuses’ brains simply work in a different manner, as well as most are overactive, re-remembering things to the point of mass exhaustion and redundancy, and relating them to all sorts of barely related things. This is why they grasp things quickly; their mind works furiously to connect seemingly unconnected anythings. Events, ideas, etc. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Art by Paweł Kuczyński

There's this page that I saw with some pretty great art. (imo) They can be thought provoking, sad, and/or funny. This is where it's from:
Here are my favorites of them.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Interaction (obvious)

I only just considered that the best way to talk to just about anyone is to express interest in them, make them talk about themselves/what they like, and provide positive feedback, along with insights and anecdotes pertaining to their interests.

I suppose this is very simple. The noteworthy/difficult bit, I suppose, is to know when/how much to talk about oneself. This applies to almost every relationship short of adoration...

I am going to start color coding things such that purple will be the more interesting/less self centered bits. I have to figure out the other colors, but default/light blue is about me as of the last few posts; maybe I'll keep it that way. 
I have to figure out which colors aren't too harsh/unreadable, Typing in white kind of works but it's annoying cause the input field is white so I can't see mistakes too easily.

Realisations, Insights

into myself, but every time something is realised about someone, the same can be said of many people. So I tend to stumble across facets of human nature.

I like writing about myself... I think it's because that I introspect and bring forth things that I know about myself, but never really analyse and consider. I just provided a perfect example of it, even! I knew, but never considered, that I like writing about myself, and only just now figured out why that is. [It's introspection with more than usual thought, that comes unusually naturally (oxymoron, ha) in a chain of thought.] 

It is easier to remember/control/examine one's thoughts when they are expressed rather than kept inside. It is habit to think of something one does as natural, but when it is exposed and compared to the outside world, it can be examined more closely and easily, in relation to being compatible with one's idea of proper/prudent behavior.
(I just realised another reason a diary can be handy...)

This has led to my telling certain people about facets of myself, most often when they have said something that provoked the thought that led to the realisation. I always took this as natural/what I do, but perhaps I should keep more to myself, or leave it less to chance.

I've come to realise I want more human interaction. (I was about to say need, but we'll get to that in a bit.) 
I want to tell someone/everyone when something happens that I think is significant.
I want to tell someone when something affects just me, but people get tired of that, so I tend to keep it to myself or tell one person. (usually a different person every time)
I want to tell someone when I realise something about myself that tends to affect a noticeable part of how I act.
I want to tell someone/everyone else >_> when someone acts/reacts in a way that I find ridiculous, until I get some insight into why they acted that way. 
[Although sometimes I just need some perspective on whether either side actually was being ridiculous, for my peace of mind.]

At the same time, I'm pretty content with not saying much, fairly often/for long periods of time. I suppose I do not like saying anything I feel is insignificant.

I wonder where the line should be drawn between want and need. We only strictly need nutrition and excercise for life. I suppose one can say that one can list needs for flourishing, or for best, happiness, contentment. 
(But I always feel that I only want to use the word need when there is a true need for something.) 
The only exception I make, without even thinking about it until now, is when I say I need to do something, or get something. That's for simplicity's sake to express a perceived obligation, which counts to me, I suppose.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What is the point of Entertainment?

So I will start with how I came to think of this; the experiences that led me to do so. I have been playing DotA, HoN, and LoL for around 1-3 years (depending on which). They are a game based on a formula people call Aeon of Strife.

[In it, one has allied, uncontrollable minions that spawn and attack enemy minions, trying to push down enemy defense towers, and eventually, destroy their base. During the game, one controls a powerful unit (hero) that gains power by being in the presence of enemy deaths, as well as being the one to hit the enemy minion or hero last, which gains money to buy items for more strength]

This formula has proved entertaining enough to me over the time I took playing and reading about these games. After some time, however, I got bored of the formula. Multiple times, actually. What kept me from stopping was a combination of obligation to do things with friends, and adding a few new features, like new items, new characters, switching to HoN, then to LoL, which has new of both, and new graphics. 

[I played HoN about as much as DotA, but by the time I got to LoL, I pretty much stopped wanting to play seriously, and just wanted to win, or have good matches, which are incredibly rare because very very few people play at a consistent level. Which means 9/10-19/20 games are terribly unbalanced. The most fun games are balanced ones, but many games simply involve a weak player on one team resulting in the other team becoming overpowered and winning, as well as the breakdown of teamwork on the team with the weak player.]

The problems with the games only change somewhat when one gets into higher level games, which only happens after about a year of serious playing and improvement. Alternatively, one can find friends, which usually means that there is a team of friends winning many unbalanced games because they have more coordination in a team game.

So anyway, the last thing that kept me playing LoL was novelty, and a feature known as first win of the day. The first win of the day gives extra points with which to purchase champions.
This adds another element of obligation, beyond that of not wanting to disappoint

I find that many online games run on a level of obligation to keep one playing. MMOs encourage grouping, and then to disappoint one's "friends" feels bad. Or to want to get the next feature, whether it be an item, or a character, keeps one working at it. That is precisely what it becomes: work. Sadly, some of the most successful games (like WoW, Farmville) are successful because of this.

After the last vestiges of this have faded, games feel very pointless, hollow. One might feel that they have wasted much more time than they should have, because obligation rather than fun kept them playing.

I wondered; what is the point of playing games? Fun? What is the point of fun, of entertainment? In the end, it doesn't get anything done; it just passes the time. Is this acceptable? For some it may be, but others want something more. (I do) But what more is there? What can one do that is worthwhile in the end? What IS worthwhile? I don't know. I guess that's different for everyone.

Yet, fun seems to be worthwhile. It feels that way to almost all of us. I would at least argue that one should find the greatest degree and variety of this possible, though. In this way,
(so many times, I could close my eyes... :) I like when I think of some songs
one is exposed to a variety of ideas, invoking more creativity. What is useful in this world, if not creation?

[Well, anyway, that's my answer to the question. That the most entertaining things are worthwhile, and once one reaches a point where the things are just okay, one strives to fill the time with creating good or useful things, or interacting with people.]

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I haven't really been posting because I lost interest in trying to think of things to write I guess. I think it was that before when I would think of something I'd think "can I blog that?" where now I just write it down and forget about it like I did before blogging.

I'll probably just do a comic instead. I'll probably start it between a week and a month from now.


I tend to dislike having things go to waste.
With food, then, it instead goes to waist.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Subpar puns, mostly regarding myself.

I've decided to have something of a schedule finally. When I wake up, I think it would be better to read for a few hours, then write. Sounds about right (write).

[I realised that I can entertain myself with a more blank mind and help myself wake to a writing state if I read for a few hours when I wake]

So I was recently in a car crash. The damage to my car was extensive, and my mother said it was totaled. That made me think, for some reason, of how my guidance counselor called me E sometimes. It was totaled, E. Totally.

I've been in something of a lazy daze. Most of what I've been reading are useless things, like
I'm saving all of those as bookmarks to read on lazy days.

HoN pun/spoonerism:
I was reading about Warped Tour [because the author of a webcomic I read has a friend in a band who is trying to play Warped. This made me interested in playing it next year, although who knows if I will retain that interest, as perhaps it isn't what I'm looking for in terms of genre. Anyway,]
on wikipedia it says under band conflicts that

"Both D12 and Esham were kicked out of the 2001 tour."

Spoonerism makes that E12... and Dsham.

Friday, February 25, 2011


I will allay
all the problems in the way
and begin to slay
the spectre of indolence.

(also, allay makes me think of this. 01:20)

I just read Walden. I was Thoreau -ly amused.

People have godda stop using the Lord's name in vain. That will probably be the most blasphemous thing I'll write.

I forgot to mention when I continued streaming. I, uh, finished OoT and I'm halfway through Majora's Mask. Continuing at 7PM -0 GMT Monday.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Social Interaction, and a bit about me

I have found that (aside from lying) the secret to successful social interaction, is revealing selective bits of yourself to people at certain times. Except for those perfect few friends you may or may not find, there will be a lot about one that people dislike. So one has to figure out what parts of oneself to show to certain others. 

At a certain point, if necessary, one can reveal the bits about oneself that will annoy those friends, but they will accept it, though it would have caused them to leave and forget about one at the start of the relationship. The trick is to figure out what each person likes and dislikes by subtle hints, it seems.

I considered this because I had said a few things on a forum, and then on my 4th post or so, someone said that they liked me up until I had said that. Also, the same day I had talked to a person on an instant messenger service, and I tried a sort of formulaic way I introduce myself, ascertain their interests, and find something about which to talk. 

It's not so fancy as that sounds, nor is it refined yet. But basically the thing that has worked to start several conversations/online relationships failed utterly. (I got blocked, lol)

Whenever I listen to a new band, I tend to listen to a few songs, and if I like them, I get their discography, and listen to it on loop without paying much attention until I realise I like certain songs. This usually takes 5-10+ plays of the discography, and anywhere from days to months, depending on if I remember/want to listen to them instead of something I already know and like.

I suspect that what really gets me into a band is some combination of certain songs I find I quite like, and certain lyrics I quite like for their wordplay/cleverness/my ability to relate to them. Also, I seem to sublimate song lyrics, and sometimes when someone says a word or phrase from the song, (or similar enough to the lyric) I play the song bit in my head and I tend to like the song more. This applies only when it's accidental, as of yet.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I just realised that Runescape has Run Escape in it.

Bilingual wordplay/pun:
If you are familiar with French, this will require no explanation. Fruit Willy.
(Explanation: The way fruit is pronounced in French, it sounds like Free. Free Willy)
and below is a French guy saying it.

Friday, February 11, 2011

I got a livestream.
(was) Broadcasting Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. I don't know when I'll continue. I'll probably post again on the day I do.

Just finished the Forest Temple.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Conventional? What's that?

I like doing unconventional things. While I do not quite dislike the conventional, I like to pretend it does not exist, or that I do not know what it is. I prefer to be unpredictable, at least to a reasonable extent.

There was something I thought of in French class, a good 6 years ago. Enfin Lupin est pimpin. (babelfish says "finally Lupin is pimpin") 

My mother made soup. There was a lid on the pot, and I said "the lid is too big". My mom that "there is a little (liddle) one here".

In high school, there was a religion teacher who taught us what the paraclete was, and he mentioned that no, he did not mean parakeet.

Cluney emailed me and said that he was going to watch Fringe because he heard it was good. On the website he went to, it was removed due to copyright infringement. He (and I) found that amusing.

I like the names Alice and Iris. They are both aurally pleasing to me.

Sometimes when I see something that is written, it is either written well enough or looks so "official" that I have a hard time thinking that a person wrote it. I mean, I know that a person wrote it, but I'm not used to thinking that it's a person so much as an "organisation" that writes those little cards for funerals, pamphlets, notices for tickets sent in the mail, (probably a computer does those, but a person made it do that and provided the template)
rulebooks, that sort of thing.

Friday, February 4, 2011

I had been talking to google's cleverbot.

Cleverbot: Ok.. Do you like ants?

User: Ants are scary and outnumber us all.

Cleverbot: Oh come on. Don't have a better answer?

User: A better ANT-swer, you mean. Lol.

I don't know why cleverbot asked me that.

I wonder if I should get Netflix.

These are a few of my various things.

I just suggested things to someone, and I said they were "just suggestions". I like the sound. Then I thought of talking about different ways to raise a baby from a fetus, which would be "just gestation suggestions". Heheh.

I had thought of an alternate lyric to Favorite Things from the Sound of Music.
"When the dog bites, when the bee stings..." Be a masochist. Then these will be some of your "...favorite things, and..." everything feels okay.

Sometimes I think of perfect things to say in a certain situation. The problem is that half the time I do not think of it right away, and I think of it some time later. I either am thinking about it later that day, or something reminds me of it, and I realise that "oh, that would have been the perfect response!"

I think writing down these things could provide for some amusement. Perhaps writing down the way a few of my habits work may do the same. There is another habit of mine where if I think of something strange, and I stop my train of thought to trace it back to the original thing that triggered that thought. Sometimes I do this for no real reason, but it's usually when I wonder how I got from one subject to another.

So there was this girl in a biology class that I was in, that touted herself as a great procrastinator. After some time in the class, when we had had contact and conversation, and she had gotten to know me a little, she said that she had to concede that I might be a bigger procrastinator than she.

My response should have been something like, "What can I say? I'm not sure, so I'll think of a response later."

I think I will start to use this as a dream diary. But I think I should figure out a way to make my dreams sound more interesting and vivid. I'm not quite sure how, yet. I read someone's that had short and poetic sounding descriptions, which I would have disliked as a poem, but sufficed as a dream description. If I can find that blog again I will probably have two different versions, one like his, and one in the descriptive way I am used to writing my dreams.

On that note, in my dreams today, I learned to teleport, and time travel. I don't know that I have done either before. I would suspect I've teleported plenty of times - at least in the same way probably everyone does in their dreams - when the scene suddenly shifts around me but I take it for granted because it's a dream.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bit of Wordplay

There is this guy who performs under the name MooNiE. Lune is French for moon.
I have a friend who is Lune-y (Loony) for MooNiE.

I like the phrase "one wonder". As in it makes one wonder. That's as much sound play as wordplay.

Tomorrow I will post webcomics part 3. The first forgotten/not read for a long time edition.

Depravity and Manipulation (part 2/2 of an older post of mine, reposted for reddit)

The Price of Becoming a Big Industry: Depravity and Money (part 1/3 of an older post of mine, reposted for reddit)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Trilingual Pun. Webcomics part 2.

Watashi wa means "I am" in japanese. However, one could imagine a foreigner saying water as wata. There's a word in Polish, shiwa, which means strength, energy, power. So in English, that would be like "water power".

I thought of another one, but I'll just make a comic of it. I think there was a third one that I can't remember.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Webcomics part one

Another blogger's post about webcomics made me think about making a post about the ones I have read. I've read more than I thought, actually. Because of that, there will probably be several I forget to mention. I guess I'll make it into multiple posts.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to: edit basic information, add links to your basic profile so people can easily get to your blog by clicking your icon in a followers list

"Impressions of a preprofessional" is part of the name of a person's blog. I like how those words sound together. (this is the only wordplay in the post)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wordplay first. Then musings/thoughts of mine. Then something ridiculous I read. Color coded.

I like that guess and suggest have a lot of the same letters. That's one reason I wrote that up there.

Oftentimes my posts are not as good as they could be, because I don't read through/edit them enough. I like to think of them as diamonds, freshly mined from my mind.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random stuff, and Lucid dreaming theory. (in full post)

So I was considering buying some tea, but the price was too steep! :p

A problem I have had with this blog is that once I make a post that I think other people will find interesting, I am hesitant to make another post that will be less interesting. I guess I just need to make each post more interesting than the last! Well. Realistically, I just need to get over it, or limit my posts to things interesting to a variety of people. I can also tag some posts with "interesting".

I am currently in the process of finding new blogs to read, and over a few weeks, evaluating if following them remains worth it. I've already found a few somewhat worthwhile ones.

So I've started to browse through other people's blogs

What I have noticed is there's a fair amount of people who put their link in a comment they make. What a transparent thing to do. I would rather make quality comments that get people interested in coming to my blog. You know, the proper way. Though, there are people who do both; which, I guess is ok for now. My blog is in its infancy, after all. But I think if one really wants to succeed, projecting confidence and wit should take one farther than direct advertising.

About you posting your link: (skip this if you didn't/don't) If you do post your link without an insightful comment, it will eventually be deleted. I care about the content of this blog. For now, I will accept a single link post, so choose where you post it wisely, because I will delete subsequent link posts. If you said something witty in one of the link posts, I will keep that one only. If you said something witty in multiple of the posts, I will delete all but the first, and repost your comment with your name attributed to it. 

Some people use more than one ad section. I am skeptical about whether this really benefits their income enough to justify annoying their visitors. Until I am sure that it is well worth it, I choose to have just the one box.

I think I'll start blogging/networking every other day, and not use the computer on those alternate days.

My blogs have 7 and 11 subscribers, ha. 7/11 is an ok store.

I wonder to what extent having unique content is valuable. Is it better to write about things one is already interested, and have a bulk of the material concerning the thing itself? Or is it better to write ideas that are closer to unique? I guess that depends on the person, and they aren't mutually exclusive.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

school/action/magic dream

I updated my about me page. It's not a rough draft anymore! It's more of a second draft. Thoughts?

I find that I like the idea of many things more than the thing itself. I also find that I like liking ideas, but only when I don't examine them. Once I examine them, I immediately feel a little bad for liking the thing because of the idea of the thing, then reevaluate whether the thing was worth liking, or whether I was just liking the idea of the thing. I like the amount of times I had to use like and thing in this paragraph.

(I could have also substituted "I find that" with "I feel like", but I do draw the line somewhere. Usually before it gets too excessive, but not always before it gets excessive. The same can be said of most people, as far as that last bit goes)

I think I should start using italics and/or a smaller font size when I use parentheses and it interrupts a sentence. Which/what do you think I should do? I don't think italics alone is good.

I think I'll start posting more frequently. I have plenty of thoughts, I just write them elsewhere. I could transfer some of those, and I have at least ten more dreams that I can use.

But... I think I have to split the blog, as well. Because I want to make one blog with stuff that will be interesting to people who don't know me, and then one or several for everything else. So basically, one blog for interesting, one for dreams, one for musings, maybe one for puns, etc.

Edit: I'm starting to mess around with the blog's design as well, how do you think it looks now? Color wise, I guess. I think I may want to keep Arial because I've gotten used to it.

Aerials, in the sky....

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I wasted time today. Not to mention this whole week.

When I  have this read more thing going, either the post will be long or I don't think it would be interesting to random internet people. I might be wrong, who knows?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I thought of something.

What if, every time a male felt lust, he worked out to get rid of the feeling? I think every male that is not asexual would be ripped.

Klyde adds: "We would never get anything done besides working out."

Monday, January 3, 2011

Another night Another Dream (but always you)

I have to figure out a way to have links on the side that sort these posts by tag, or just have a few blogs. Cause of how different people are interested in different things, and I feel I would rather show select more interesting posts on the front page, or at least be able to direct people to posts most relevant to their interests.