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Friday, February 11, 2011

I got a livestream.
(was) Broadcasting Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. I don't know when I'll continue. I'll probably post again on the day I do.

Just finished the Forest Temple.

When one finishes Jabu Jabu's belly, Ruto asks Link what he wants. There is the choice to ask for the Spiritual Stone of Water, or say "Nothing, really..." I chose the latter, and Rob, who was watching the stream, commented that I was being coy, which is a fish, (koi) and appealing to her fishy nature. That comment made me grin, heh.

Things I've learned so far during the playthrough/reading a glitch faq:

Bigocto, the miniboss in Jabu Jabu's belly, turns around when he hits you. So running into him on purpose and them hitting him with the boomerang/sword makes for a hilariously short battle, easily 1/5 of the usual length.

The railings in the Forest Temple that can't be climbed over (near the Poe portraits, over the stairs leading down) can instead be backflipped over.

The first 3 Poe sisters turn visible when a deku nut is used. So it makes for another hilariously fast/easy miniboss battle when you use the bow and deku nuts alternating.

Glitch: When you hold r for block, and stab, the power of it is determined by the last attack done. (this may only count swinging attacks, I don't know) So if one does a jumping attack, the stab would be twice as powerful as usual. What I did as kid link is use a deku stick jumping attack, then put it away and used crouch stab. Apparently as adult link the megaton hammer is the best thing to use, and it also makes the crouch stab break stones.


  1. Been so long since I played that. Im now feeling nostalgic and old. lol

  2. I wish my internet was working better yesterday, this would have been fun to watch.

  3. I'm a huge zelda fan and ocarina is my favorite of the whole series :D