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Friday, January 28, 2011

Webcomics part one

Another blogger's post about webcomics made me think about making a post about the ones I have read. I've read more than I thought, actually. Because of that, there will probably be several I forget to mention. I guess I'll make it into multiple posts.

Starting with the ones I like most, in terms of style, theme, humor, that sort of thing. I will post select good ones, but they won't be my favorites, just the first few I find while looking through archives. It would take me a few days to find my favorites.

Perry Bible Fellowship is probably the best comic I've ever read.
I'm going to just hit the random button up to ten times, and I'm sure I will get gold.
Random number 2, Random number 3, Random number 6.
Here's a video that he made the concept of. (I don't think the other videos are worth it)

Amazing Superpowers is a generally amusing comic, to me. I don't know what to call it; the only theme it has, from what I can tell, is being ridiculous. It has changed somewhat over time, so I will post three near the start and three more recent ones.
Start: Onetwo, three, (four, five)
Recent: One, two, three

Buttersafe is a hit or miss comic; there are good/ok ones, and one out of 10 are some of the best things I've ever seen. It's done by two guys, and I think the guy who updates on Thursday is better in general.
Tuesday guy Ray: One,  two, three. (three isn't very good, I just couldn't find another good one in 5 minutes)
Thursday guy Alex: One, two, three, four (4 of them because the 3rd from the other guy is just ok)

Penny Arcade is pretty good. It started out pretty bad, and pretentious to boot. I got sick of it the first time I tried to read it. But it's good now. (I linked only one comic that I liked, don't feel like looking through that site)

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is a comic that goes over my head at times, but has some pretty great comics, and updates daily. Due to the daily update thing I can't easily find the best ones, and the random button doesn't work as well for it as for PBF. One,  two, three, four

Brawl in the Family is one that I found relatively shortly after it was made. It's a comic involving video game characters, mostly nintendo. I like it, though I wouldn't call most of the comics "funny", exactly. But it's hard for me to call anything funny, because very little amuses me enough to laugh. The link is to one of the comics, an Earthbound comic. (I like Earthbound)

Now for something that people are pretty divided on.
xkcd is another sort of hit or miss comic. It says something that I went to number 73 before I found 3 I liked. I liked the earlier ones better, so I will just link to those instead of recent ones. One, two, three

Ones I read daily because they update daily and I remember to do so: (doesn't mean they're good)

Dominic Deegan is a comic about an oracle. I probably wouldn't have liked it if it wasn't the first webcomic I ever read; but it was, and I do.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

Sinfest is a comic that I did not like at first, but it grew on me. I don't think it's all that humorous, though. Maybe I just read it now because it's a small thing to do every day. I do like some of the character interactions, though.


  1. SMBC is my favorite web-comic of all time!

  2. I recommend Girls With Slingshots and All New Issues, google them and enjoy.

  3. Ahh. I read some of these.
    I'll check the others out though, thanks! :)

  4. You can't really go wrong with Perry Bible Fellowship.

  5. Ooo, you might like Hark a Vagrant; it's a super nerdy comic with loads of historical references :)

  6. @smokin: I read a small bit of the first one. I will have to read both of those.

    @ada: I will check it out.

  7. Holy Bible is so funny!

  8. I like Giants in the playground and Cyanide and happiness, they rock :)

  9. thanks for turning me onto pbf comics, i spent a good half an hour going through random comics.

  10. Some great comics in your list - cool post

  11. No love for Axecop? What's wrong with you? Animals Have Problems Too is pretty good, although it ended a few years ago.

  12. Axe Cop is good, although the being written by a 5 year old makes it not great at times. This is part one for a reason! I forgot many comics, although I wouldn't have mentioned Axe Cop because I haven't read it all the way through yet. I also forgot Dr McNinja which I will have in part 2.

  13. Lol i've never seen Perry Bible Fellowship before but it is awesome! Just went through like 5 random comics and they all made me lol. Thanks!

  14. I'm a sucker for Dr. McNinja, Questionable Content, and I love the classic one Sexy Losers.

  15. Has anyone here ever been to drunk duck? that use to be a great place for finding new web comic artist. Penny arcade does some good stuff for the community, and starting pax east is awesome as well.

  16. Penny Arcade is a classic imo, just starting to go through all of them but it might take some time. The Perry Bible fellowship has quite a few funny ones, I dont get why its funny either because the jokes just feels..very bad.