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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random stuff, and Lucid dreaming theory. (in full post)

So I was considering buying some tea, but the price was too steep! :p

A problem I have had with this blog is that once I make a post that I think other people will find interesting, I am hesitant to make another post that will be less interesting. I guess I just need to make each post more interesting than the last! Well. Realistically, I just need to get over it, or limit my posts to things interesting to a variety of people. I can also tag some posts with "interesting".

I am currently in the process of finding new blogs to read, and over a few weeks, evaluating if following them remains worth it. I've already found a few somewhat worthwhile ones.

A comment on my other post made me think. I wonder if being a light sleeper and getting over it somewhat helps with being a lucid dreamer. (I'll continue that thought in the full post)

I should think it does, or at least it certainly does help for me. You see, whenever I am lucidly dreaming, I (and maybe many) have an awareness of my surroundings in both the conscious and subconscious. So basically I have my subconscious paying attention for disturbance of my surroundings, noise, movement, etc. Which leads to being awakened easily.

{I've actually had this since childhood; I can block some things out like thunderstorms, but sounds that aren't constant - or weren't there when I fell asleep - wake me instantly about 30% of the time. If it's within fifteen feet of me, it will probably wake me. By ten it's definite unless I'm passed out from lack of sleep or alcohol. (I wanted to make that sound as if maybe I am secretly a robot from Futurama) From now, side notes that expand on knowledge about me will be in these. ->{} Feel free to not read them}

This, of course, has proven annoying plenty of times. Someone walking by can wake me up on certain days, but on others I can block it out with force of will. I now realise that a graphic interpretation of this will be simpler. Some day I will get over my laziness enough to make my own pie chart instead of using one on the internet.

Of course I can not accurately guess about that 40%. I suspect staying asleep has to do with which phase of sleep I am in, as well as whether I am lucid dreaming or not. I would wager that non lucid dreams are quite harder to wake from.

In high school - at least for two years of it - my chart was more like this:

*Everything except the 5% exhaustion bit, because back then, 30% of the time I stayed up late to the point of exhaustion.

I was rarely able to be conscious enough of the waking world to answer almost coherently. But when I was, most of the time my gambit worked. I've never been able to duplicate this situation, cause I have not been so exhausted in such a "dangerous" situation since.


  1. When I'm asleep someone could walk around my room and I wouldn't wake up!
    facebook sucks +1

  2. facebook! <3

    ugh, i have such a problem falling asleep.

  3. I like facebook for the networking it provides, but I am very careful about the information I provide them for the reasons you stated.

  4. I kinda of have the same problem, I don't want to make good posts and then shitty posts, oh well.

  5. great blog and interesting idea. im following!

  6. I think facebook is fine, provided users do not believe that anything posted on it is private by default. Now following.

  7. Our personal information has become as much of a commodity as corn and coffee.

  8. goodluck on your way to becoming a psychonaut in the dreamworld. i dunno if you've seen the animated philosophy movie 'waking life' but i think there are some good concepts and ideas of lucid dreaming in there that you'd really like.