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Mostly thoughts from a time before I began to change myself.
But I'm changing that.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Been a while.

I had a dream where I could try to fight K Rool from the end of a Donkey Kong game, (irl) but I realised that I'm not Donkey Kong, and there's no way I could lift one of those huge metal barrels.

I like how, sometimes, a dream of mine mentions something that happened before, (in the dream) that hasn't actually happened. There are times that I'm looking at whomever I am talking to, and as I remember what happened, I see that in much the same way one can envision something vividly while looking at anything else, though likely stronger given the nature of the thing.

In this case, I was talking to my cousin, and I was talking about how there was some event where people could swim in a river. It was a once a year event, but I had had previous plans... with Dracula. I had been to his mansion and had worked as an errand boy of sorts, and he had already invited me to go swimming in some lake that defrosted that once a year and was perfect. I was also offered the opportunity to become a vampire, (which would have made the job easier, apparently) on precedent of some other guy.


  1. I have dreams like that too! Fully realized and wonderfully intricate :o

  2. It sure has been a while Wyrdrem, how have you been?