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Mostly thoughts from a time before I began to change myself.
But I'm changing that.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Another night Another Dream (but always you)

I have to figure out a way to have links on the side that sort these posts by tag, or just have a few blogs. Cause of how different people are interested in different things, and I feel I would rather show select more interesting posts on the front page, or at least be able to direct people to posts most relevant to their interests.

I'm just going to post this in close to initial format for now. If it's confusing, I'll clean it up. Or I might do it later anyway.

wonder what happened before this.

"Once you can control your dreams, you can be unconscious whenever you want to. (I say, to Aryu) I've been unconscious since (hours ago)."

She didn't notice! now she knows though. Idk what she responded with.

We walk out of the gym area, through this school area. I don't remember enough to describe it... we walked through hallways, corridors. Toward the outside. We walked by some areas where people would be behind a counter.

I remember three areas between the gym and outside. First... I actually don't remember. I dont remember if there were doors leading outside of the gym, but I don't remember passing doors. What is in my mind right now is a fairly open area outside of the gym, but leading to the right only. Large black irregular tiles. I don't even think this was part of the dream.

The second area was largely ignored because I was trying to restart my conscious brain program. All I remember was that it was a fairly open corridor/path, with a wall on the left, and an area on the right with a red counter that had a metal thing to lift to get behind it. I may have leaned on it when I was starting code.
As we went farther, there was just the last corridor toward the double set of double doors. There might have been two sets of doors, I'm not sure. Like doors leading to the in between chamber, then doors leading to the outside is what I mean.

I was trying to reactivate my brain by making it start its basic programs for being conscious. At first the instructions are sort of put in by me, saying or thinking things. Then the lines of code start appearing in front of me as I'm walking. (lime green text hovering in front of me, sort of) I think my brain only gets started somewhat.

(Aryu disappears. if I say a disappearance in parentheses it means it was not noted in the dream)

Leo perching on a door. Cluney tries to push me through the door she's on, to make her fall/make her blame me for it. I first struggle, being pushed to the right set of 2 doors and holding myself back by pushing against the middle metal bar/beam/divider/whatever. My arms buckle, and I almost get pushed through, but I struggle with all my might, willing my muscles to overexert themselves. I manage to push back just enough to push myself to the left and go through there instead.

(Cluney disappears I think)

once I'm outside, I can see people about to go through on either side. I am concerned at first when the people are about to go through the now left (former right) door, then see that she's not balanced on the top of the doors themselves, but the frame sticking out over those.

(Leo's gone now too)

don't know what happens between here. The next thing I remember,

I'm walking with people. (or I feel like I am, despite the fact that
I now can't remember ever seeing them. But who knows, maybe I did)

We're walking next to buildings, I guess. (maybe Almost underneath part of the buildings, like the things in Chicago, but not blocked on the street side if so)
on the right side, there's more sidewalk, then street, then some tallish structure, possibly with a fence on top. (it must have been at least 10-20 feet. I'll guess 15-20) There are 4-5 guys on top of it. They jump down, with no difficulty.

I note that they must have done muscle training for years to get legs that powerful, while also thinking that I would not stand a chance against them in a fight.

Jumped off a ledge. Powerful muscles. I taunt them despite not having strength, so that they won't intimidate me/think I'm just easy prey to them . My hair gets pulled back.. idk what happens between, but I hold onto the guy in the middle of the street until a car almost hits us to take us both down I guess? or maybe trying for just him but idk.

I pull us out of the way just in time, thinking to save him even if he's a dick or something.
We're walking back the way I came, going toward a bridge that we would pass under as it went right/left/left/right over us. still tall buildings on the right. Big street in the middle, can't remember what's on the left, only can remember red.

don't remember what happened in between. I should have an acronym for this.

church service. I left it. the sermonator was talking about me but I was crunching two mouthfuls of crisps I had to avoid hearing what he said (maybe I should have brought more crips). People all look at me in shock and consternation. I leave, some people try throwing holy water on me. but it gets diverted from me at the last second.

SO I try to get to the holy water containers on the side but they're all empty. (it seems like they were setting this up, awake thought) I'm going toward the fountain of water near the entrance, I don't quite reach it but Idk if it was dry or what.

The priest throws holy water, and I run into it instead of standing or moving away, so it hits me for the first time. I say something like see, I'm not evil. The priest says I must be the evil master if I can take that without being burned. (leaving during service = evil I guess)

I say he is the real evil master, (as he looks at me glowing with a red sinister look) leading a congregation astray, taking their money, etc. I run out.

I'm running for a while from the expected chase behind me.

The groups of boys that are raised follow me. A group of about 8-10. 6-8 new recruits, 2 on a level below those that taunted me. (in other words, still too much for me to fight maybe one at a time)
They encircle me, but I manage to get away somehow.

I think I ditch the newbies because I'm going too fast.

We are running through these grassy knolls, with gaps in random places through which the sky could be seen. We were in something that I described as sky gardens. Floating lands. Of the two that were still chasing me, one fell into the gap chasing me, and I transformed or used some power to conjure an appendage to catch him. (I don't know what I'd call it so much as a tentacle, but that brings an inaccurate image to mind)

The other one recognises that I'm not a bad person after all, and one or both of them come with me to help me escape.

I'm in this abandoned... I don't know what to call it. How about a cathedral. So this place is structured such that you have to go through the entrance, straight through a big foyer, around a furnace or something,
(it was... a place of fire, as I wrote it. There was heat and flame all around in random areas. The heat was oppressive, but not enough to deter me)

then turn right twice to go down a more narrow corridor, (sharing a wall with the previous, of course) which was unremarkable? But set up for another two left turns and then there was this structure of metal.

It was some sort of puzzle where one had to manipulate these blue buttons that interlocked in strange ways.

(I really can't describe the perspective here. I was overlooking the entire 3 section area for the whole time in the furnace room, and I saw multiple views at the same time)

The metal structure would be moved into a proper position to get over, and onto the lower level of this third room. (it ended up being something like stairs going down) I couldn't solve the puzzle before the sound of pursuit reached us. We somehow managed to circumvent the metal monstrosity, and get to the lower level, which has a door at the far end.

One of them says to me that the door leads to a tower that (I/others that were my friends I guess) had conquered, which led to exultation on my part for being shortly safe/able to fight back.

(the tower was a sentient being that could move on its own)


  1. One of the gadgets you can add to the side bar is called labels and it will provide either a list or cloud of all the labels you put on your posts as well as a number which corresponds to the number of posts which have that label. Clicking one of the labels takes the reader to all the posts which have that label.

  2. sweet, I was looking for something like that. Thanks