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Mostly thoughts from a time before I began to change myself.
But I'm changing that.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rough Draft

TL;DR on bottom.
Hey guys. My name is Eric Fitt. I am a person of above average intelligence. (anyone know where to get an iq test around Chicago?) I want to do something great. I want to write poetry/lyrics, books, songs. I want to sing. I want to draw, paint. I want to create art, music, maybe video games and/or films, and probably a few inventions too.

I don't want fame. I am kind of an introvert at heart, and would not take to it all that well. Though, I expect it will be unavoidable. I would love to be able to have enough money to live on without ever having had a standard job. Maybe even without getting a degree, to show, as other people have, that a piece of paper that costs $100,000+ and years of time is unnecessary if you know what you are doing. (I do want to go to school to learn to write better though)

If I get big, I would make businesses, both to provide services and make jobs. I have no love for money. I don't need yachts, huge houses, or superfluous money. What I would do with any money over, say, 5 million, (for unexpected costs, for giving to friends) is fund projects of my own or of others, or just donate to random charities or put disadvantaged people through school or whatever.

I want to succeed to show others what they can do, if they started working on their dreams. I've wasted plenty of time, myself. It's never too late to change, and become someone that you can be proud to be.

More than anything, I want to make memories. I want to inspire people to be great. (Especially to create their own works to inspire still more people) I want to instill beauty in the minds of as many people as I can, by creating worlds and evoking emotions through my works. I ask for nothing in return, other than telling people about me, if I affected you.

About Me:
You knew my type in high school. Quiet in general, maybe did some crazy and hilarious things once in a while. Wouldn't know what to say to you if you started a random conversation, but once you knew him, proved to have some depth and humor not seen otherwise.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What I would do with money gained from ads

First, I would probably spend a bit of it on living expenses. Gas, food, that sort of thing. Then I would spend some on getting a website of my own to start my comic (I may start it on here though) and transfer this blog there. Then I would use some to move out/pay for school. Then I would spend on some frivolous things, and hopefully could use it to live on entirely, producing art, music, and writing full time. I would start trying to make the inventions I have conceived. I would start a few businesses, one of which would be a restaurant using recipes that I have learned from various sources.

Start of movie reviews. Sorted from least to most liked.

I am largely ignorant of movies. So I've started watching ones mentioned in various places. From Natalie Dee, I found out about the existence of Drop Dead Fred. From a friend of mine, I heard about the Karate Kid again. From somewhere on the internet, I heard about Fate Stay/Night, and I read the visual novel, which I liked. I found the Unlimited Blade Works movie on 4chan's /tor/.  Lastly, for this batch of reviews, from utorrent, I found out about Four Eyed Monsters.


Here, I will list bands that I think are great. (first songs to listen to in parentheses) There will be a list by what I think would be pretty general tastes, (liked by almost everyone, at least almost everyone I know) then a list by my tastes that I am less sure that just anyone would like. I will update this post as I listen to other bands, and make note of it in my next blog post.

Friday, November 5, 2010

I have an idea.

Whenever the number of followers on my blog adds another zero, I will give away 1 percent of my total earnings from this/related endeavors to a random lucky follower. If the number gets above 100,000 or something ridiculous, I may just make it more often. That will be determined later.

When I came up with the 1% tag, it was with a certain thought in mind. I would share the ideas that I was not quite intending to make a reality, or those that would be a while before I did do that. Anyone would be free to use the idea, so long as they gave me 1% of their earnings from the idea. I'd think that's a good deal. Maybe I should make it 2%.