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Mostly thoughts from a time before I began to change myself.
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Interaction (obvious)

I only just considered that the best way to talk to just about anyone is to express interest in them, make them talk about themselves/what they like, and provide positive feedback, along with insights and anecdotes pertaining to their interests.

I suppose this is very simple. The noteworthy/difficult bit, I suppose, is to know when/how much to talk about oneself. This applies to almost every relationship short of adoration...

I am going to start color coding things such that purple will be the more interesting/less self centered bits. I have to figure out the other colors, but default/light blue is about me as of the last few posts; maybe I'll keep it that way. 
I have to figure out which colors aren't too harsh/unreadable, Typing in white kind of works but it's annoying cause the input field is white so I can't see mistakes too easily.


  1. I think the purple is a bit hard to read. Maybe a light grey will work?

    And yes, listening is the best way to charm anyone by saying as few words as possible :D

  2. The best way to captivate people is to talk about their favorite topic: themselves.