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Saturday, December 3, 2011

I went to see a Matt and Kim concert.

it was great. Some 30+ year old woman offered me a bj to crouch or move but I was very not interested. That's the short version.

Now for an aside: there's a psychological principle I would like to address that is relevant to this story. The general idea is that a person is attached to an investment they already made. 2 examples, only need to read one. 

abstract example:
An example would be any bad idea. If someone really likes an idea that they had, they are willing to devote time and effort to fixing the mistakes with their plan, and trying to keep it in motion. Instead of cutting their losses, they see what they already put into their plan, and want to salvage that effort instead of cutting their losses.

concrete example:
Someone buys a car. Every so often, the car breaks in a different way. Instead of replacing the car/cutting one's losses, one keeps fixing it, with their (probably unnoticed) motivation being the money they already put into it. They fail to act on the likelihood of the car to continue breaking, because they are thinking about all they already did to fix it[, and how that would be a waste of effort].
(you can substitute "relationship" for "car", ha)

[I read about this on cracked. I tried googling phrases that seemed to describe this, to no avail, and there's no way I'd find it there without looking for... maybe days. also I like abstraction.]

I got there a bit early, got in front right away. There were reasons not to be in front. The event was a Budweiser thing, and it was meant to be a sort of club setting. There was a dj dude, and 3 screens occasionally showing the stuff that was going on. [There were guys with camcorders around]

(alt/short version of next paragraph: So because of my not being very good at being social, the loud music, and the fact that I came to see the band, I opted to stay at the best spot, and didn't really talk to people. 
I think this works as an example of the psychological principle I explained at the top)

I stay up there for a while, looking out of place, watching people cause I have nothing else to do.
A girl comes in, who looks like Kristen Bell [imdb pic] but like 22ish.
Then a girl to my right seems kind of disinterested in the guy talking to her, yet wanting to talk. She nudged me a lot more than I would think appropriate even for how squeezed in we were/were about to be. She also seemed to look at me a lot even though I didn't pay her any attention. I felt like I wanted to talk to her, but also felt bad that there was already someone talking to her/didn't want to be a jerk/didn't want to get into a fight.
(although... many people don't like getting into fights, so I'd like to think it'd have worked fine if I tried)

(alt/short version: A MILF offers me a blowjob to move or crouch cause I'm really tall and she's pretty short.)

So I'm wondering whether to talk to any of the girls around me, or go over to the girl whose looks appeal to me most of all of the ones I'd seen. Also, I found out beer was free around this point, and I'm considering whether to lose my spot, although I am foolishly attached to it because of the time I had already spent there.
This woman old enough to be a MILF asks me if I could crouch down or let her go in front of me, and tells me she'll give me a blowjob if I do. She keeps this up for too long, really. Then I left my great spot to drink as many beers as I could [after finding out they were free] and give up on the hot girl cause she and her friend had had guys talking to them for a while now.

I managed to push my way back to a good spot, and it was a great concert despite my finding out about free beer late [and free Lou Malnati's pizza much too late].
I could have made it better though~
There's always next time.
Need to Practice!

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  1. Free beer's good. Free pizza? TOTALLY AMAZING