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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Depravity and Manipulation (part 2/2 of an older post of mine, reposted for reddit)

I have put off reading anything about interacting with people, because: A) I would rather learn through my own experience; B) I think learning enough about something makes it uninteresting, because eventually you're [basically] running every action through a formula because you find the best way to do it; C) I do not like the idea of manipulating people, and much dislike the people who do. However, when dealing with people who have read such things, (especially if they are selfish and/or you are naive) one is vulnerable to their machinations if one is not suspicious of the person's intent.

I much dislike near everything about this, especially the fact that one has to be on guard around most other humans, and the amount of effort spend to perfect the "art" of dishonesty and manipulation. I also dislike every manipulation that involves benefit at the expense of the manipulated, and in general the kind of jerks that go around manipulating people to their own selfish ends. 

I don't think I have suffered more than the average person because of things like this, luckily.

If only everyone could afford to trust everyone else. I would like that very much. But I may as well wish for an end to currency; it's about as feasible.

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  1. You say you'd rather you wouldn't read about any tips on manipulation, but later post about how to get people to be interested in you (namely revealing certain aspects of yourself, or ascertaining what interests them and converse about it). why post at all and take the risk of others reading those tips. just food for thought.