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Mostly thoughts from a time before I began to change myself.
But I'm changing that.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

school/action/magic dream

I updated my about me page. It's not a rough draft anymore! It's more of a second draft. Thoughts?

I find that I like the idea of many things more than the thing itself. I also find that I like liking ideas, but only when I don't examine them. Once I examine them, I immediately feel a little bad for liking the thing because of the idea of the thing, then reevaluate whether the thing was worth liking, or whether I was just liking the idea of the thing. I like the amount of times I had to use like and thing in this paragraph.

(I could have also substituted "I find that" with "I feel like", but I do draw the line somewhere. Usually before it gets too excessive, but not always before it gets excessive. The same can be said of most people, as far as that last bit goes)

I think I should start using italics and/or a smaller font size when I use parentheses and it interrupts a sentence. Which/what do you think I should do? I don't think italics alone is good.

I think I'll start posting more frequently. I have plenty of thoughts, I just write them elsewhere. I could transfer some of those, and I have at least ten more dreams that I can use.

But... I think I have to split the blog, as well. Because I want to make one blog with stuff that will be interesting to people who don't know me, and then one or several for everything else. So basically, one blog for interesting, one for dreams, one for musings, maybe one for puns, etc.

Edit: I'm starting to mess around with the blog's design as well, how do you think it looks now? Color wise, I guess. I think I may want to keep Arial because I've gotten used to it.

Aerials, in the sky....

I think the hardest part about writing these in detail after I wake up, is that it takes about an hour to write out any dream of decent length, and by the end the dream has been fading from my mind for an hour! But I don't usually have much trouble with it, just the later scenery and creatures/people/beings become too vague for me to remember/describe. This time, however, even right when I woke up, the later bits were more vague than the earlier bits. It's weird, because at the end of the dream, I was trying to keep all the cool end bits in mind. Maybe I have to try to not try, to do it well.

I just noticed that someone from my grammar school has the same initials as Leo. First and last, anyway.

(who knows what happened before this. I think I'll just put CR where I can't remember from now on)

Justin "beats me up". I'm in a closet of sorts, with a glass door though. He punches me a few times in the mouth (we're weak 8th graders or something) trying to knock out my teeth I guess. He draws back and says so, aiming for my front teeth. I didn't feel his other punches cause apparently I have the constitution I have currently even though I'm in my former body. But I didn't want to risk him knocking out teeth. So I punch him once hard. I leave a dent in his head and he cries/is hurt. I guess he was doing this earlier or Klimek (grammar school teacher) saw him only, but I pretended to cry when she came in and he got in trouble despite protesting/the dent in his head.

(the dent was diamond like in shape. like... take a baseball diamond, and superimpose another one onto it, but turn one 90 degrees. Then make it 3d from that outline. That's what the dent looked like, but cut in half )

I walked out, and left him in the chamber because he was meant to stay because he was in trouble, but I told him that when I get rich, he can have 1%. I reconsidered. "Well, not that much, but a couple million or something." He tried to give me 5 bucks, and I took it, then gave it back.

(I think that's when I went into the  hallway? Maybe it was a diff dream but doesn't feel like it)

I was trying to record a song that was in my head,
(I wonder if I did, I certainly dreamed that I did it, many times. I wonder if it was the one I did record. But that would mean I woke up and that would make these separate dreams. So either I lost a recording, or these dreams fit together oddly well for being separate dreams)
so I walked into the hallway to do so.

[[[At this point I remembered a dream where Cluney wanted to play HoN but I was sleeping/busy or something Idk. I didn't bother trying to remember it, knowing it was less interesting. And now it's incredibly vague]]]

{Idk if this was a separate dream or if I walked back into the same classroom.}

People start going into the classroom, and I go back in to leave with Aryu. In order to take my bag, from the back row, I use accio, and the bag takes the best path out so it doesn't hit people, going diagonally left, straight, diagonally right, and flying into my hands. I was thinking of using it on her next, but she got out at about the same time my stuff did.

I tell Aryu that it was accio, and she said that it didn't look like it. I said, "Well, it is..." I leave the class, Aryu disappears. I was going for the water fountain,
(which was in a niche of sorts. The hallway expanded just to have the fountain and enough room for 3-4 people if tightly squeezed in and standing. So basically it was big enough for 2 people to be in at the same time comfortably/walk by each other. Also, the floor was slippery so I'd slide past where I wanted to go)
and slid on the floor past it. Then a girl went to use it, and I tried to get past her to let her use it because I didn't think she was going to wait to let me use it. I sliding to the left initially, but she took a step back to let me use it, so I had to stop and slide away to the right instead.
(I should have bumped into her, and probably did, but I think that in the dream I felt like I didn't. The dream has the last word)

I then mistake a high schooler for Michelle, (this girl that I knew in HS) and want to ask her if she would have went out with me/if she liked me then. but then to the right when I noticed the gap. Mich lookalike (Mish) goes into the class I had just left. I go through walls, and end up next door in Trevino's room. Then I'm trying to use time magic to pause the world, but it only works for a moment, longer on some than others, for some reason. I walk through the wall into the original class. Instead of the unreliable pause magic, I use (lowered) gravity and haste on myself to move fast and I use slow on the class to slow them, and I take Mish to the hall to talk to her. She isn't who I thought, and she's creeped out. I think to myself, "oh duh, she was only a year younger than me, she would be gone already."

Stuff happens who knows. CR

Maybe I was planning to leave or something. I don't know what happens but I end up much nearer the entrance. The hallway between the entrance and the class is pretty plain, though big. Mish look walks by me with a friend, and she has crimson hair. Maybe it was her friend but I don't think so.
(first image result for crimson cascade. That color)

The girl looked like this, btw.

I catch up to her, and talk to her again. she gives off an aura of disinterest. Her hair color changed to something like this, although I think with more blonde in it.

I tell her that I had mistaken her for someone else. I apologise, and ask if there's anything I can do to make it up to her. She says a cigarette or two would be good. So I use my magic to try conjuring 2 cigs. Only one lit one appears, almost done (it didn't have a butt, I guess my subc doesn't know what they look like :) )
and it smokes and she panics, and the fire alarm goes off. (I think her friend disappeared immediately after I started talking to her, but may have reappeared occasionally)

She basically blames me, etc. The sprinklers go on for a brief moment, and everyone's annoyed/she's pissed. I turn them off, and try to basically give everyone a blow dry with magic.It works for a second or two, then the sprinklers are turned on.
(heavier or softer spray I don't recall, but longer. I imagine heavier)

I turn them off again after closer to 5-10 seconds. Then I think out loud "Is today april fools or something?!?"
(because my magic is going haywire)
It turns out it was, I guess. So anyway, I go back down the long hallway, and leave the school.


{{Very fuzzy here... I get a living weapon from somewhere. Spires, portcullis's (arches that is), ornate (gothic?) building. I swear, why can't I remember this part? It was later in the dream, how do I remember the earlier bits so clearly and the later parts impossibly badly when they were more interesting?}}

I fight these creatures, I don't even remember what my weapon looked like, but they were probably around 10 feet tall, and about as wide, if not a little more. I'm picturing the spiderlike creatures from ff10. Spiderlike in that they have many legs, the scythish beasts. I guess they only have 4 legs. But the things I fought had at least 6. I'm thinking 6-8.

CR here. I have a feeling I might have fought between the entryway and the courtyard. My weapon is made of this golden material with a tint of bronze in it. (it was not brilliant gold, that is. I guess it was more like it had yellow gold in it/in the middle certainly)

I go to this courtyard of sorts, with a giant statue (at least 10 [maybe 15-20. 15 seems right...ish] feet tall) with a bow about 20-30 feet in front of me, and a similar statue with a short spear/lance to my left. (short compared to the statue, not me)

I fought some of the monsters, I think the first few looked different from the rest. CR, but I do believe I slashed the first few to death, and, with magic, took out the tumors they left behind. (There were growths on the ground, kind of like creep tumors from sc2, but pink/purple ish. Through them, the monsters could regenerate, slowly, probably over the span of 3-6 hours, based on their growth in the time I was fighting the other ones)

After I killed the first few, this giant god being appeared in the sky. Maybe my brain uses all of its capacity to remember what happened instead of remembering all the detail I want it to. I still remember scenes somewhat, but I can barely describe them.

Anyway, this giant clad in green (I think) appears, he's far away in the sky,
(not as high up as an airplane, maybe as high as high flying birds. Idk how far away he was)
but still at least the size of my two hands put together wrist to wrist facing outward. For people who aren't 6'+, that would make 3 or more of your hands. He was lounging in the sky, on a diagonal slant.

He released more monsters, as I was freeing the spear from the first statue (this makes sense in the context of I was trying to obtain weapons to fight the ones he made probably). I use my magic to make the spear a usable weapon/take it from the statue. As I do so, I imbue it with the power of ice, and frost/ice forms all over it.
(I may have used this to slay the first few creatures, because I don't remember having my gold weapon until later. But I can't make sense of a timeline if that was the case) 

The monsters land, and shoot ice "arrows" at me. I guess I manage to dodge, and I make the statue's giant bow fly toward me. I think I had meant to give it fire element, or at least something other than the spear, but it had ice on/within it.

I shot an arrow
(and maybe the bow as well... I wonder if the bow was the golden morphing weapon. That would make more sense)
of ice, (that was about 2x my size)
and I threw the spear. Two of three creatures were dispatched. My golden shapeshifting weapon made its appearance (for the first time I can remember clearly, so Idk if I had it before).
It took on the form of basically a stick. But Ice came out of its end to make it a scythe. I fought the second creature and cut it apart with the scythe.

A third creature came up upon me to my right, and  as it attacked, I jumped over it to the other side.

(the camera turned third person because I'm not intimately familiar with how a flip looks when I'm doing it because I've never done a flip and even if I did it wouldn't have been this crazy awesome. It was a sideways single flip spanning about 15-twenty feet since I had to jump over this beast. my body was perfectly straight, and I was upside down about halfway through the jump, no wasted motion)

When I was on the other side, my dream basically retconned (definition) what happened, because my "self" wasn't actually on the other side and had to get there. I guess I preferred first person action. So anyway, the other travel to the other side showed that what happened was that the shifting weapon helped me. It morphed into some form that wrapped around maybe 2 (1-4 but I don't think it was 1) of its legs, hindering it, and allowing me to pull on it and increase my momentum. And basically I moved along the side of it as it was explained how I did it in the first place?

Who knows. Basically I moved to the other side of the thing two times.

The way I'll interpret it now
(probably wrong because the only valid interpretation is from the feelings I had in the dream, not my logic afterward, even though I have to employ that liberally at times in several dreams)
is that I did the flip, and meanwhile the weapon tangled the beast.

Also, I pulled in order to give my initial momentum for the flip. That makes sense, in the awake manner.

Anyway. I slay this beast as well. I walk back to the entryway of the school, and see many tumors reforming into beasts. I'm watching them pulsate, and trying to get rid of them with magic, but at the same time I am repeating to myself, "alive weapon, giant grass". Basically, in the dream I was trying to make myself remember the coolest bits of it. In doing so, I wasn't really able to concentrate well and dream more, so I decided to wake up to write this down. (And then I did, because I can do that)
I also wrote down zombie grass. I think the grass was special in some way that I can't remember...


  1. I like your blog and followed.

    On the question of how to format the text in parenthesis, i honestly feel that if the information in the parenthesis is not important enough to include at full size font then you should not include it at all. Just my opinion, but I feel that with the multiple text sizes i get distracted while reading the posts.

    Anyway keep it up bro and check out my blog if you want, its not much at the moment just some funny pictures etc. but I'll be posting more soon.

  2. I like to include the text in parentheses as description. I think I just need to tell stories better, but I do not have a great writing style of my own. Maybe I should adopt an epic fantasy writing style, with the amount of detail I put in on the side.

  3. As well, putting it smaller is, I guess, my way to emphasize that the details are optional. I'm experimenting and looking for reactions to it.

  4. Yeah I know where your coming from, I think that what you said of "epic fantasy writing style" could be the way to go especially when you're discussing dreams. This is all just my personal opinion of course, and others will see it differently, but for me personally I find the things in the parentheses slightly distracting.

    For example in this post you have the following paragraph:

    "The way I'll interpret it now
    (probably wrong because the only valid interpretation is from the feelings I had in the dream, not my logic afterward, even though I have to employ that liberally at times in several dreams)
    is that I did the flip, and meanwhile the weapon tangled the beast."

    You could write this like:
    "The way I'll interpret it now is that I did the flip, and meanwhile the weapon tangled the beast. That's probably wrong because the only valid interpretation is from the feelings I had in the dream, not my logic afterward, but I have to employ that liberally at times in several dreams."

    It also helps to break up the paragraph into smaller, more manageable sentences rather than one long run-on sentence.

    Anyway, I don't know, I'm not a very good writer but just from an aesthetic point of view that seems more pleasing to me.

    Sorry if it sounds like I'm trying to tell you how to write or something, that's not my intention. Just offering some constructive criticism.

    On another note, seeing as you seem to be quite into dreams etc. have you attempted / achieved any lucid dreaming states? It is something I am quite interested in at the moment. I've started keeping a dream diary and am always on the lookout for triggers but every time I gain awareness i seem to be catapulted back awake within a few seconds. Feels bad man :(

  5. Yeah, I haven't had practice writing recently, and I don't proofread. I use awkward train of though style writing, which can be fitting for dreams that are all over the place, but not for most posts. I just haven't decided where I want to draw the line between my own style of writing and what would be made by a "professional". I have to work to combine the two, and make my own writing style.

    Absolutely, I like constructive criticism. Learning from mistakes and hearing people's opinions will only lead to my writing improving, and I want to be a writer, so I have to get better somehow.

    On lucid dreaming. You may be onto something, there. Something I could make a post about. And will, right now.