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Mostly thoughts from a time before I began to change myself.
But I'm changing that.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I wasted time today. Not to mention this whole week.

When I  have this read more thing going, either the post will be long or I don't think it would be interesting to random internet people. I might be wrong, who knows?
I had some dreams, none of which were all that great. Although, maybe I should write them down anyway. However.

In one dream series in particular, I was trying to make something happen. I woke up at 2-4 PM, and tried to have a specific dream. I think I might have dreamed it from 2-4, but then it was all buildup to something specific. Right before the thing happened... the dream ended!

So what I figure I'll do, is psyche myself into dreaming what I wanted to dream.  Lo and behold, in the next 2-3 dreams from 4-7PM, I am working toward the same thing.
(I have had experience with lucid dreaming before, but not exactly to this extent. It usually only worked if I went to sleep again within a minute [or two] of waking up from a dream I wanted to continue. There was no "I want to do this" involved before. What I said to myself a few times before sleeping was "I want to do this" and "Don't wake up" and "Don't wake up for insignificant shit")

So I get to sleep, and basically every time I have to do some menial things before I find the person I'm looking for, or I simply don't remember right away. (maybe that time was the first time when I didn't have the goal in mind. I've dreamt a lot today, it's hard to discern which happened when)

The "first" dream involved me being some sort of important alien creature, and I was sick and in bed. Some people were trying to take care of me. This went on for a bit. Then I was talking to one of them, and she turned away to talk to someone else, so I ran away instead of putting up with it, cause I felt I should be treated specially.

I ran for a bit, walking when I'd see someone because I was supposed to be too sick to run I guess. I got into this huge closet, and I could see my pursuers through a crack in the door. I was there for a bit, until a kid pointed me out, and some people had also entered the closet through another door.

I don't know what happened afterward, but I think I found the person I was looking for in the rest of my dreams.

I am a light sleeper.
Among the things that happened in the other dreams: I was almost awakened at least two times by different things, one of which was my mom dropping a Christmas ornament. What I would do, then, was drop to the ground/my knees in my dream, and try to look at something not complex, so I could keep it in my mind as it tried to wake up, and coax myself back into the dream. This worked two times, then failed as I was woken up by one of our dogs walking by in the hallway. (ridiculous)

Another time I was awoken by a text message. And then, by 7 PM, having almost reached my goal 3 times, I gave up because I heard my alarm for 7 PM and had been sleeping for a little over 12 hours.

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