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Mostly thoughts from a time before I began to change myself.
But I'm changing that.

Friday, February 25, 2011


I will allay
all the problems in the way
and begin to slay
the spectre of indolence.

(also, allay makes me think of this. 01:20)

I just read Walden. I was Thoreau -ly amused.

People have godda stop using the Lord's name in vain. That will probably be the most blasphemous thing I'll write.

I forgot to mention when I continued streaming. I, uh, finished OoT and I'm halfway through Majora's Mask. Continuing at 7PM -0 GMT Monday.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Social Interaction, and a bit about me

I have found that (aside from lying) the secret to successful social interaction, is revealing selective bits of yourself to people at certain times. Except for those perfect few friends you may or may not find, there will be a lot about one that people dislike. So one has to figure out what parts of oneself to show to certain others. 

At a certain point, if necessary, one can reveal the bits about oneself that will annoy those friends, but they will accept it, though it would have caused them to leave and forget about one at the start of the relationship. The trick is to figure out what each person likes and dislikes by subtle hints, it seems.

I considered this because I had said a few things on a forum, and then on my 4th post or so, someone said that they liked me up until I had said that. Also, the same day I had talked to a person on an instant messenger service, and I tried a sort of formulaic way I introduce myself, ascertain their interests, and find something about which to talk. 

It's not so fancy as that sounds, nor is it refined yet. But basically the thing that has worked to start several conversations/online relationships failed utterly. (I got blocked, lol)

Whenever I listen to a new band, I tend to listen to a few songs, and if I like them, I get their discography, and listen to it on loop without paying much attention until I realise I like certain songs. This usually takes 5-10+ plays of the discography, and anywhere from days to months, depending on if I remember/want to listen to them instead of something I already know and like.

I suspect that what really gets me into a band is some combination of certain songs I find I quite like, and certain lyrics I quite like for their wordplay/cleverness/my ability to relate to them. Also, I seem to sublimate song lyrics, and sometimes when someone says a word or phrase from the song, (or similar enough to the lyric) I play the song bit in my head and I tend to like the song more. This applies only when it's accidental, as of yet.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I just realised that Runescape has Run Escape in it.

Bilingual wordplay/pun:
If you are familiar with French, this will require no explanation. Fruit Willy.
(Explanation: The way fruit is pronounced in French, it sounds like Free. Free Willy)
and below is a French guy saying it.

Friday, February 11, 2011

I got a livestream.
(was) Broadcasting Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. I don't know when I'll continue. I'll probably post again on the day I do.

Just finished the Forest Temple.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Conventional? What's that?

I like doing unconventional things. While I do not quite dislike the conventional, I like to pretend it does not exist, or that I do not know what it is. I prefer to be unpredictable, at least to a reasonable extent.

There was something I thought of in French class, a good 6 years ago. Enfin Lupin est pimpin. (babelfish says "finally Lupin is pimpin") 

My mother made soup. There was a lid on the pot, and I said "the lid is too big". My mom that "there is a little (liddle) one here".

In high school, there was a religion teacher who taught us what the paraclete was, and he mentioned that no, he did not mean parakeet.

Cluney emailed me and said that he was going to watch Fringe because he heard it was good. On the website he went to, it was removed due to copyright infringement. He (and I) found that amusing.

I like the names Alice and Iris. They are both aurally pleasing to me.

Sometimes when I see something that is written, it is either written well enough or looks so "official" that I have a hard time thinking that a person wrote it. I mean, I know that a person wrote it, but I'm not used to thinking that it's a person so much as an "organisation" that writes those little cards for funerals, pamphlets, notices for tickets sent in the mail, (probably a computer does those, but a person made it do that and provided the template)
rulebooks, that sort of thing.

Friday, February 4, 2011

I had been talking to google's cleverbot.

Cleverbot: Ok.. Do you like ants?

User: Ants are scary and outnumber us all.

Cleverbot: Oh come on. Don't have a better answer?

User: A better ANT-swer, you mean. Lol.

I don't know why cleverbot asked me that.

I wonder if I should get Netflix.

These are a few of my various things.

I just suggested things to someone, and I said they were "just suggestions". I like the sound. Then I thought of talking about different ways to raise a baby from a fetus, which would be "just gestation suggestions". Heheh.

I had thought of an alternate lyric to Favorite Things from the Sound of Music.
"When the dog bites, when the bee stings..." Be a masochist. Then these will be some of your "...favorite things, and..." everything feels okay.

Sometimes I think of perfect things to say in a certain situation. The problem is that half the time I do not think of it right away, and I think of it some time later. I either am thinking about it later that day, or something reminds me of it, and I realise that "oh, that would have been the perfect response!"

I think writing down these things could provide for some amusement. Perhaps writing down the way a few of my habits work may do the same. There is another habit of mine where if I think of something strange, and I stop my train of thought to trace it back to the original thing that triggered that thought. Sometimes I do this for no real reason, but it's usually when I wonder how I got from one subject to another.

So there was this girl in a biology class that I was in, that touted herself as a great procrastinator. After some time in the class, when we had had contact and conversation, and she had gotten to know me a little, she said that she had to concede that I might be a bigger procrastinator than she.

My response should have been something like, "What can I say? I'm not sure, so I'll think of a response later."

I think I will start to use this as a dream diary. But I think I should figure out a way to make my dreams sound more interesting and vivid. I'm not quite sure how, yet. I read someone's that had short and poetic sounding descriptions, which I would have disliked as a poem, but sufficed as a dream description. If I can find that blog again I will probably have two different versions, one like his, and one in the descriptive way I am used to writing my dreams.

On that note, in my dreams today, I learned to teleport, and time travel. I don't know that I have done either before. I would suspect I've teleported plenty of times - at least in the same way probably everyone does in their dreams - when the scene suddenly shifts around me but I take it for granted because it's a dream.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bit of Wordplay

There is this guy who performs under the name MooNiE. Lune is French for moon.
I have a friend who is Lune-y (Loony) for MooNiE.

I like the phrase "one wonder". As in it makes one wonder. That's as much sound play as wordplay.

Tomorrow I will post webcomics part 3. The first forgotten/not read for a long time edition.

Depravity and Manipulation (part 2/2 of an older post of mine, reposted for reddit)

The Price of Becoming a Big Industry: Depravity and Money (part 1/3 of an older post of mine, reposted for reddit)