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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Trilingual Pun. Webcomics part 2.

Watashi wa means "I am" in japanese. However, one could imagine a foreigner saying water as wata. There's a word in Polish, shiwa, which means strength, energy, power. So in English, that would be like "water power".

I thought of another one, but I'll just make a comic of it. I think there was a third one that I can't remember.
Story based
Looking for Group is a fantasy based comic that I like, and find of fairly good quality compared to the masses. There are few comics that I have read that really look like they take time to produce, and this is one of them. One I could (probably will) read multiple times. I'm a sucker for a good fantasy story.

Dr McNinja is a comic about a doctor, who is also a ninja. If that sounds appealing to you, I think you will like the comic. He also has a female gorilla receptionist, and gets a gunboy Gordito, and a raptor named Yoshi.

Boxer Hockey is a comic about a made up sport, and a team of guys who play it. It's another one that I like the style of the drawing.

Order of the Stick is a DnD based comic with stick figures. I've never played DnD. The guy makes Erfworld as well, but I haven't gotten to reading that yet. Maybe I will and put it in part 3.

As someone who grew up playing and liking RPGs, RPG World is one that I liked in particular. Unfortunately, it never ended; the author got tired of it right before the end.

I read Megatokyo at some point and I liked it then, but I fell out of it, and I don't care to reread it.

Humor based / Gaming comics (man, there are a lot)

VG Cats is one I enjoy in particular. He also has a side series about pokemon.

Fanboys is another one of several comics I used to remember to check regularly. I like the style of this comic. These two are my favorites. I shall list others, now.

Digital Unrest is also quite good. I am error.

Dueling Analogs is one I used to keep up with, as well.

2p Start is another one. This one has finished, though they post occasionally.

I read ctrl + alt + del but I got tired of it.

Part 3 will involve several comics that I forgot how they are/haven't read through.

I probably should have formatted these with one for humor comics, and one for story comics.


  1. VG Cats <3 Even though Scott doesn't have the time to make comics like he use to, it's still very good stuff when he does post.

  2. Ah, these are great! Thanks for sharing


  3. Don't forget to mention Brawl in the Family! 8D

    Also, love the pun. So many languages..

  4. Thanks man. Another thing to fill workhours with :)

  5. I like the way your mind works :D

  6. Good multilingual pun you thought of

  7. These are brilliant! Excellent post!

  8. Actually, "WATA" means cotton, and "SHIWA" means wrinkles in Japanese. "WATASHI" means I, and it also means delivery.

  9. you've got one of the best blogs I read bro, keep up the good work.

  10. Hmm, I never thought of that before. Awesome.

  11. I shall be checking some of these out.

  12. Very clever. I like it.

    FOllowed and supported!

  13. I went back to Megatokyo once and I was like "They're at the exact same place they were ages ago" and then stopped reading it.

  14. I really enjoy VGCats, I usually have a read every day :-)


  15. There's no word "SHIWA" in Polish. There's SIŁA which sounds like in english "SYWA". The meaning is correct.

    Also, Polish and Japanese have nothing to do with each other.

  16. what? no xkcd :O
    also, followed :D

  17. I used to read LFG, but I fell behind and never bothered to catch up. I'll have to get to that sometime.

  18. @bamboleo, I know, it's a transliteration.

    As for the last bit... well, that's pretty obvious. I just put mixed bits of three languages together for the sake of a pun.

  19. a childish joke, but i like it

    what's bruce lee's favourite drink?

  20. Looking for Group is pretty good. Will have to check a bunch more out.