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Monday, December 20, 2010

Professor Raedent/Raedant, lecturer in my dream

I had a dream today where I was first at my high school (well, it looked different. Maybe it wasn't mine but I thought it was)
in spirit form and went to two different classrooms. In both of them, I could not get near a person without their face getting blurry and then disappearing, so basically I couldn't know who they were unless I already knew them, nor see a new person's face clearly. [I don't remember if I did anything but this in the first]

I then went to a classroom where a test was being taken by about 4-5 students. (unpopular subject/time I suppose) The class was being supervised/taught by someone who was the dean of upperclassmen (Inzinga) at the time I was in HS. [A girl moved up in an attempt to look at someone's test, he told her to move back.]
There were several coins around the girl's desk, and I picked the ones that were heads up and put them on her desk for good luck on her test. Then Inzinga came by and I put several on his shoe cause he was berating the girl for doing something or other - I think it was what I was doing - and I was trying to show him that it was me. He still thought it was her for a while, doing some trick, then I think he figured it out and might have banished me or something.

I'm pretty sure I tried to get back, but I ended up in another classroom somewhere else. The professor in that was doing an introductory class, I believe. He was talking about how people can visit places with their spirit, in sleep or meditation or whatever. [I don't recall it all, or much. It's usually like that, I can't remember exactly what people said, just the general idea]

He definitely noticed my presence, as he looked directly at me a few times, and I was at a place where no one else was. After his brief presentation, he asked if anyone had any questions. There was one other guy, (dunno what he said) then I asked the professor had a website or something that I could visit, to learn from him about what I was doing. He wrote it on the board messily, and I tried to figure it out, and asked him clarification questions. He eventually rewrote it, and it looked like (I googled this to no avail)
He also said he has a reading comprehension test on the site, and only accepts students with high comprehension. (I assured him I'd have no problem)
He also said that it's great/preferred when students have a 4.0 GPA.

I told him I'd be waking up to write down the site, and not to expect me back soon, because I do not yet have control over my sleep/meditation state.

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