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Mostly thoughts from a time before I began to change myself.
But I'm changing that.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Carl. Dream about the robot takeover. His name is Carl.

I didn't write this dream down when I had it, (It was today. I went back to sleep instead) only tiny details of it. So this will be fragmented at best... or so I thought. I wrote a hell of a lot more than I thought, once I actually wrote it.
Fam guy. Famine Guy. This dream, the earliest bit I can remember, involved Peter from Family Guy. He was leading this thing around, a robot sort of thing that looked human. Everywhere it went, it left a line of sawblades protruding from the floor. He paced back and forth, and eventually left it behind when the blades cut off his junk.

[Some description is required here. In the dream, somewhere, I found out that the robot had the power to replicate itself. The way it did this was by taking over the bodies of humans. Also, its name was Carl]
The robot went off elsewhere. I walked around, and I found several small groups of the robot. I was only powerful enough to take out maybe 5 tops it seemed. Luckily for me, I don't think I encountered groups bigger than 3-4. When I would encounter one, I could usually punch it, or crush its head, which seemed to be the only way to permanently destroy it.
(It would have been more interesting story-wise if I had had to run from a bigger group, but it didn't happen)

I wanted to save some people from this fate of basically death and slavery after death. By the time I realised to do this, I had already missed some chances to save people. I talked to an Asian girl. (kinda cute, if that matters, for mental image)
I started sending telepathic messages to her, and asked her to talk to me in her mind. After a bit of cajoling, she did so. I told her about the danger of going to this gathering that was taking place soon. (which apparently everyone around wanted to go to)  It was, in secret, a lure to have more people turn into Carl.

I tried to convince other people, but I do not know if any of them were convinced, even the Asian girl. I realised it was very hard to convince people that this gathering was a bad thing to go to. After some time, I decided it was time to go to the gathering myself. I walked through an entryway, which I think was rounded at the top, and fairly large. [About 4-5 people wide, and 2 tall]
I stepped into a very strange looking Coliseum. [As with many scenes in my dreams, words would not do it justice, which is why I need to learn to draw these]

As I saw a vague shape of humanity at the bottom, I was thrown off balance by dizziness. My mind felt like it wanted to wake, yet I wanted to finish this.
[I have varying degrees of success with this, sometimes I just fade to black for an unknown amount of time, still being aware of sleep/dreaming. Then I go back to the dream or to another one. Sometimes I might wake up, but I can't remember for sure if this has happened, because if it does, I think the black usually comes first. Sometimes I can manage to overcome my dream weariness and remain in the dream. This was one of those times]
I walked out onto a long ramp leading down into the bottom, where a fair amount of people were gathered.

[I'm not sure if I got there early, or if I got there when the maximum amount of people were there, because there were not that many. However, at least in my dreams, rarely does a grand amount of anything occur, possibly due to it being difficult to imagine. Like a dragon, it wouldn't be 300x my size because that is hard to imagine. Probably it is the same with an amount of people larger than 20-50 where I'm not just walking through a crowd, but seeing many]

So there seemed to be about 20-40 people there. I was talking, possibly to them as a whole, to ascertain whether they were still human. After a short time, I found out I was in trouble. In unison, they said, "WE ARE ALL CARL". I knew I was not strong enough to fight them all at once with my current strength. So I desperately drew all the energy I could, from the remaining humans close enough to/outside of the Coliseum. Then I was surrounded by a mass of robotic flesh, flailing, attempting to crush me. I was being overwhelmed immediately, and knew I could not win this way. I managed to break a narrow passage through Carl, and into a corner where I would be able to deal with less at any time.

I fought desperately, for what did not quite seem like hours, and was probably only about five minutes.

(I don't know how to write fight scenes, and don't remember it all that well. Fighting is also pretty repetitive in description, even if it is life threatening, harrowing, etc. in reality. So I embellished)

[I punched the first one that came at me, and took off its head. Three came at me, and I kicked the one on the right, then grabbed the heads of the two others and smashing them together. I spun and kicked another with my heel, and elbowed yet another. I had to keep moving to keep them from surrounding me. I shoved some into others just to buy me time to deal with still others that were coming at me. The melee went on...]

I stood, victorious and exhausted. Before I could wonder if there was more to this... I awaken.

[I think I did, anyway. I don't remember more after this. If nothing else, I probably woke up just so I'd remember "WE ARE ALL CARL"]

New tag, LFT. It stands for Last For Today, when I don't expect to write another post today.

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  1. I liked the parts of the dream that were really in your voice. That is describing the memory of the dream rather than narrating a dream.