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Friday, December 24, 2010

Another dream day. Less interesting

I got pizza from some bar in Oak Lawn near Cluney's house I guess. He said it was good. I paid at the bar, (had some trouble with my money, I didn't have enough so I dug through my pockets to find more) waited a while, and got a shitty piece from the lady. I was going to complain about it but then I (realised I) got another piece that was about half a pizza.

There was a back room of some sort that I went into. I don't recall what happened there, other than I was sneaking around invisibly.

I then flew around, trying to find my way back to my house. I was trying to fly west. I found a sign that said east, and so I flew the other way, as fast as I could.  (it was getting dark or was already) I was terribly dismayed when I went from Cicero to Pulaski, (I went east) and was on 173rd street (I was trying to get to 87th-ish from 111th-ish).
Bathing sort of place maybe. I believe I saw the men's area, and may have been visible.
So naturally I went to the women's area.
Naked women everywhere. Lesbians. I phased through the front door invisibly, to take a look at the women. The first ones were... old, maybe? So I went through the second door to look for more, and found them, naturally.
I went through a third door for some reason, I guess to see if there were more women. (I don't believe there were. Idk what happened next)


Amanda with Frank. Crouching low to the ground with Frank, thinking maybe they will think I'm looking up their skirts. [But then they shouldn't be wearing skirts so short. And Frank's lower than I am. Whatev.]

Watching what I thought was a sox game, but was actually a Mets game? Or Yanks.

I was about to get up and leave, but decided to stay for some reason. There were 5 bases, I guessed that they batted in the middle of them. The other team used the right base to start from (we were behind the home plates) and ended on the left, and vice versa.

The other team was barely kept from getting a run. Some penalty or out was applied because of an (obscure?) rule that stated that once someone said they would do something, they had to do it right away (I guess). The guy on third said he'd get a run but he couldn't right away, so he was out.

The NY team managed to get an inside the field home run right away or close to it.
Frank points out Courtney and says that was my girlfriend (or sth). He's speaking in such a way that it seems he implies he doesn't care about Kait and/or Am. He kisses Am on the cheek and whispers in her ear.


I had a dream about global warming... the weather report was showing low numbers (like 10s or 20s) for today, and increasing daily to about 70 later in the week.

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