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Mostly thoughts from a time before I began to change myself.
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Friday, December 24, 2010

Something. Then older dreams part one

So I discussed how the best ideas one can conceive naturally have to come from within oneself. It works the same way good dreams appeal specifically to  the person dreaming them. To obtain one's absolute favorite story, or favorite song, one has to make it. A friend of mine had the rebuttal that the place that people get their ideas is from experiencing others' works. Which is true, though again, everyone is filtering all of this through their own "lens" of perception, and rearranging it as they see fit to make it best/most appealing to them.

(not all the time, but that's sort of what stories and music are, at least plenty of it. Rearranged things, ideas, melodies, that were heard before)

Drea-ea-ea-ea-eam, dream, dream, dream...

 I have a friend, let's call him Apz. He was in this dream. Also, I try to interpret my dreams, to see if they might mean what I should do in my current situations symbolically, or what I'll have to deal with in the future, or maybe they're just stuff that's already happened played out in a weird way. I like to consider if they might mean something I expect is going to happen.

We had played Megaman 8 (but not really) in 3d. 2d stage with not quite 2d characters, and at the end of a stage, there was a 3d boss fight ala Megaman Legends.
The boss of this stage was King Ice. (I guess think of a mix of King and Wave Man, but ice element)

(Why is ice so easy. I guess not in all of them, but they're often enough the first one to do. Megaman and Bass, Megaman X, Megaman 7 all have this)

Apz was playing, and he missed something in the level so I took over playing, and was backtracking. I got killed on one of the jumps, and spawned at the end right before the boss fight.

(apparently he had gotten close enough to the checkpoint)

Apz talking about what we should do when we get back to the house, says he's tired of Super Street Fighter IV. I say I am kind of too.

We are walking along the side of the road on a curved street near where I live, and I guess I decide to take a shortcut through people's property. We pass by a house with a dog or two. As we pass the one, (kind of looks like a boxer) Apz notices it's unleashed, and so must be friendly. He pets it, though I'm scared to do so.
(maybe there's something he's doing that I'm afraid to do. [Guitar? Music? 4chan/Ad click? is the "dog" a loyal person that he knows and I'm afraid to talk to? There is someone like that.])

As we passed the house, something made noise, (maybe the dog) and we heard a lot of computers restarting. ("No wait, it was probably just one failing to start multiple times", I thought shortly later in dream)
Neighbor comes out and yells at us for being on his property. We're just about gone, though, and as we leave his fence, the new dog comes back with Apz and I.

We walk through another yard, and have to climb over or squeeze under/between a fence thing. (metal, looks something like the metal guard railings on the sides of roads) I go under for some reason, [I guess companionship because Apz had to do it that way so I showed the way? (Oh dream logic)] Idk. We went farther, and we're on this bridge/drawbridge type thing in front of my house.

The dog is covered with something (bag? or sth) at first, and I kindly remove it so that he won't fall off the bridge. Then he's facing me, and I'm pushing him along slowly, trying to make sure he doesn't fall off the narrow bridge. He eventually jumps onto me and hangs on for dear life.

As I try to carry him forward, making slow progress, Apz has to jump down into the mud or dirt and climb over a gate of some sort.

"I guess it was fixed. I never had to do that before." I said, referring to the gate, climbing and unlocking.
I didn't know how it worked, and so Apz had to show me how to get the mechanism locked once more. ("I've never done this before") It involved putting some things back together, then some fancy maneuvering of the lock mechanism, then putting the key bit into a circular mechanism with a small piece missing (the key) and turning it forward. (like with a crank or sth, a circular motion)
The dog was inside, so I figured "well, he's staying the night, at least". I intended to return him to his owner the next day.

We go inside/downstairs to a bar area. (reddish top, don't know what sort of stairs, had a bar style drink mix/er/dispenser) Kyle appears, makes drinks (recipe for disaster, that one. I should make a drink or recipe for "Disaster")

Kyle pours us all drinks, I try to figure out which one has the widest mouth, to give to the dog. I leave the bigger one to myself, 16 and (thought it was 13 but was 19. it showed 13/19 on the cup) oz. There are about 5 glasses? We start drinking, and the dog drinks from both of my glasses (maybe even a third one).

So I look on the ground and find a water dish. I pour the remainder of the two drinks into the dish. (remainder... [3?]6? what it is combined? [27?] 29? 15?
What I was trying to do here was figure out what numbers to play for the lotto. If that sounds dumb, this will be more silly. 16 and 19 were 2 of the lotto numbers. 2 was the megaball. The other numbers were 11 47 53. 13+16+19 = 48, the cup numbers. It makes me feel like if I tried playing with the numbers more I could've won the lottery.)

I get dared to drink from the dish, and I touch it to my mouth. People start laughing, I say in a bit that I didn't actually touch it to my mouth. Guy remarks that why say it so late then, as if I've been anxious thinking about it. I say that I belatedly thought that the reason everyone was laughing might have been that they thought I actually did it. He doesn't know the word belatedly, so I say it slowly, repeatedly, then give up and say "It means late. I thought of it late.

Then I had some other dreams I don't remember and are very fragmented. I can only give a summary at best of the one. Girl and guy are together, have a kid, guy becomes violent, kills kid, swears he didn't, and the rifling marks match his gun, he goes to prison, maybe dies, Idk. It was in an interesting flashbacked format, but I remembered it badly even then. (A month ago)

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