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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Puns and rambling

I hope someone has made a dubstep song and labeled the genre as Fresh Step.

I went to the store to buy fruit, but I went a little bananas.


I had a draft saved from a year and two months ago about an encounter I had. Met some girl in the forest who was 5-7 years older than me. Made me want to be more mature. But then I didn't do much about it. Perhaps now I will. I have to at some point. Too old for this. And I've learned too little.

I should have something that I can do to make this blog more interesting.

The only thing I've made with any regularity (besides poop, speaking of regularity) is wordplay.

I think making money is what I have to do for now, and I'll have to research how to do that quickly. Presumably some banking/financial thing or programming thing. Those are the only 2 money-making things I know of.

Navel-gazing ahead:
Plans are to meditate 1+ hour daily, workout with calisthenics (convict conditioning), and get qualifications to make money. and waste less time.
Writing isn't so much a waste, because I want to write stories because I have ideas, concepts, and they should be written. Reading isn't a waste if I learn to write better or get some concept.
Music, writing and drawing, in that order. I should get on it.
Maybe I don't need to draw, but I'd like to do comics and having someone else do it is eh.

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