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Monday, May 12, 2014

a health and supplements type of post

So through browsing, I found out about this biologist dude (or chick. who knows. I'll say he's a guy for ease of my pronouns) who posts on Silk Road 2, giving people health advice.

He seems legit to me, in terms of the sheer amount of knowledge he has and shares.

There's a 24 page thread that I saved, and I pasted the segment about supplements into a google doc (and moved the summary from the bottom to the top).
This was his response to someone asking "what kind of supplements should everyone take?"

In terms of diet, he recommends a fruit and mushroom based diet, which is similar to what I'd read and wanted to follow in Joel Fuhrman, M.D.'s book Eat to Live.
I wussed out, but I'm on track for eating a healthier diet for now.

I got one of those green-type supplements
(the powder things that are basically just powdered vegetables and berries and stuff)
to use as a crutch until I know a little better what foods to buy, how to prepare them, etc.

I think I'm already feeling better, more clear-headed and such.
Now I just have to start exercising more!

I'll try to make Saturday my internet-social day, or in any case, will be sure to get to this type of thing once a month at least.
I mostly forget about it/only remember at inopportune times.

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  1. Exercising's a great next step. I've taking up running and it's actually pretty nice once you get past the "everything's exhausting" stage. Start low, build up slow, and it makes for a great way of exercise. (Once you get serious about running, do invest in a decent pair of running shoes. They make a huge difference.)