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Mostly thoughts from a time before I began to change myself.
But I'm changing that.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

I don't know what to write here, often.

It means I'm not doing enough to improve.
Watching all of Firefly might be the most significant thing I've done this week.
I've come up with ideas, and this blog is for some of them, but more for resources and progress reports on my end, I guess.

I'd like to make a software/programming company.
I will teach myself computer science, I guess. It seems essential for future, and I'd like to make some tech stuff.
Business/invention ideas are just application of thinking of how to do things better.
It's nice to live efficiently, I guess.
It'd be nice to have a book on living efficiently!
Maybe I can learn enough to write one sometime.
I suppose that's just extraction of various improvement techniques. It seems everyone has to make their own synthesis of ideas.
Is another book a viable idea/is there a good one on this topic yet?

I'm thinking once a month posts will be the minimum. I wanted to post more often for the sake of spurring myself toward progress, but I pushed the blog to the back of my head.
Maybe I have to make sure I don't think of it as work/motivation.

Today, I thought of vacuum coffee extraction, and figured it's an essential thing if one drinks a lot of coffee.
I also considered doing an amazon associates thing.
Signed up for it. Funny enough, my id on the site has crea8 in it.

I will definitely do something of substance and update before year's end, at least.
Music for sure.
Goal is to finish 1-3 songs by Christmas, I suppose.

I could make more frequent posts, since I write a lot to myself, but it's a matter of extracting what to post.
Maybe I'll just make the most "interesting" stuff on top, and the rest under colors and cuts
There's nothing after the cut, I just wanted to be artsy


  1. Just like write posts! Don't debate whether to put something in a post or not, just go for it and see how it turns out. Then post it for comments, critique, pageviews and all that good stuff. I wouldn't be able to churn out a post every day if I doubted my posts/writing.
    Can't wait to hear some of your music. The stuff on your soundcloud is all rather old by now, would like to see how you've improved.

    Also, I do programming of most kinds, so if you ever need a freelancer (or just a little bit of help in learning something), feel free to hit me up!